Rctimer NEO-M8N GPS & MAG(Compass) V2.1

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Rctimer NEO-M8N GPS & MAG(Compass) V2.1 Reviews

barndog726 Say: 18-04-29 06:32
This is great GPS/Mag unit. It acquires satellites quickly and my GPS hold function works flawless. For proper installation I had to set my GPS orientation to "270 Flipped" in Inav. It comes with wires for Pixhawk but if you have the BeeRotor F3 board it comes with a connector that you can change to pins to. Here is my copter with all RCTimer parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIOG9M2wB8Y&lc=z224ydeorwy2uvxzi04t1aokgziiygs1ie4ris5eqfnvbk0h00410

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