Display aspect ratio is 5:3 fixed. Normally FPV is 4:3 except 1 or 2 fatshark cams which are 16:9 (compared to hundreds of 4:3 cams). 5:3 actually means 15:9 and is pretty close to widescreen 16:9 where 4:3 is 12:9, so you see the 15:9 is much closer to widescreen. This results in a stretched image. Also i'm having problems with the focus, i really need to concentrate hard to focus correctly which is very tiring for the eyes. Unfortunately there is no replacement lense like on the Headplay HD which could improve the focus issue. Apart from that quality looks pretty good. Internal RX can be configured by the buttons on top of the goggle. There is a search function for automatically scanning the channels. There is a small OSD in the goggles that shows the channel/frequency. Unfortunately you can not switch it off, so you always see the channel/frequency· Its very light and the wearing comfort is really good. So in total i would say good idea but bad implementation of very important details.
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We have released V1.1 Now.

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