Bee Rotor BV-1:Great Box Style Googles Positives: Very lightweight EPP Foam reinforced with a hard black plastic frame (ABS?). The overall dimensions are large enough to fit a large person well and give plenty of button spacing so you can 'feel' to operate the functions while wearing them. Great open and light feel, the best I've tried on. Very good quality video, good enough, in fact it shows the difference in camera quality very clearly. I'm farsighted, so was concerned about needing 'inserts' or the like. I have large glasses and the goggles don't quite fit over them, but I was glad to find that they work fine for me without my glasses, being close enough to be seen well without correction. For those needing glasses while Using these, they would probably fit over many normal to small sized eyeglass frames. Well designed fully adjustable headgear makes these just 'float', and they seem to hold adjustment well. These run on a range of voltages, so you use almost any handy small flight battery. A JST and XT60 connector are included, and the power cable is short enough to put the battery in a pocket. A 500ma 3c will last at last a couple hours and can be velcroed to the side of the goggles for totally "unplugged" operation (you may want to shorten or make a shorter power cable for on-goggle mounting - the goggle takes a 3.5mm connector.) Negatives: There is no video out to connect a DVR. Minor inconvienience if you already jave a 2ns receiver to use for the DVR, but new flyers need to know they will need a 2nd receiver and DVR to share video. The nose opening is quite large, and while they say it is used for ventilation, I found the light leak distracting. A couple layers of foam tape solved that only complaint I have with these. I'm hard to please, and these light and cool goggles left me stretching to find any 'negatives' - they ARE that good. Great Goggles with the performance of “name brand” ones at 4 times the price.

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