Got the package from RCTimer. Cannot test in action yet, but these motors look very nice and not "cheap". Motor weight is 55g including wires. Prop nut is about 4.5g and mount adapter is less than 1g. There are screws to attach mount adapter to motor but they are too short to attach the motor directly to anything else. So you will need additional screws, I went with the M3x6 ones that are barely enough, and you can use up to M3x10 without risking hitting the rotor windings. (Mounting plate thickness is about 3mm). All of the motors produce "cogging" action when rotated by hand. I don't know if it is normal or bad but I noticed this with other motors too. The shaft is too long and I think I will cut it a little. I have just noticed that writings on the motor side are upside-down :) I also got some BeeRotor decals in the package, that was nice!

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