(4Pair) 12x3.8" Carbon Fiber CW CCW Propeller

  • Product Code:4*Carbon-1238
  • Weight:200 (g)
  • Sale Price;$24.99
  • Reduction:51%
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(4Pair) 12x3.8" Carbon Fiber CW CCW Propeller Consulting

remuth Say: 18-10-18 05:41
I would like to buy only 2 pairs, is it possible?
admin[admin]Reply: 18-10-24 16:33
Ok, no problem, please send the order no. to me before you pay it.
kaptondave Say: 14-09-04 03:53
I have tried twice to order through PayPal and use the 10% discount code A20140910C but cannot see a way to enter the code.
管理员[admin]Reply: 14-09-05 20:52
Please follow this: http://www.rctimer.com/page-About+coupon.html

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