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Rctimer F800/S800 Black EVO Vibration Absorber Kit

Rctimer F800/S800 Black EVO Vibration Absorber Kit

Price: $29.99

Item: EVO-Damper

Weight: 150g

Quantity : 
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F800/S800 Vibration Absorber Kit

The kit contains six dampers. You can install these easily onto your F800/S800 without making further changes, and flight performance can be greatly improved. All you have to do is install the six dampers between the F800/S800 frame arms and the landing gear. The air-core damping ball within the dampers will absorb the high frequency vibration. It effectively reduces the high frequency vibration influence to gimbal, and makes the F800/S800 flight more stable.

Damper: 15g (each);
Total weight: 111g;
Damping ball hardness: Shore A 50;
Working temperature: – 20-70°C;


Effective isolation and absorption of the high frequency vibration;
Aluminum alloy CNC technology;
Easy installation;

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