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ElgaeRx Futaba FASST Compatible 8Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver S-Spe

ElgaeRx Futaba FASST Compatible 8Ch 2.4Ghz Receiver S-Spe

Price: $24.99

Item: EGR8S

Weight: 30g

Off the shelf

Compatible with Futaba FASST receivers: 6EX, 7C, TM7, TM8, T8FG, T10C, TM-10, T10CG, T12A, T12FG, TM-14, T14MZ, 14SG, etc.

The ElgaeRx 8ch is only 9.7g in weight and 30x45x10mm in size. Great for small planes, helis, parkflyers or even medium sized sport planes. These receivers can be used in pairs to create a satellite system with 14 channels.

Key features

Light weight 9.7g

Compatible with FASST aircraft radio and module systems

8 Channels 

Compact design 30x45x10mm

Twin antenna for diversity and long range.

Input voltage: 3.5~8.4V

Specified Range: 1.5km+

Resolution: 3072

Latency: 22ms


Up to 14 channels in satellite mode (requires 2 EGR8-S receivers)


OrangeRx Futaba FASST 2.4Ghz Compatible 8Ch receiver

2 x Jumper Plugs

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