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Elgae RC906 - 5.8Ghz 32 Channel AV Receiver

Elgae RC906 - 5.8Ghz 32 Channel AV Receiver

Price: $24.99

Item: RC906

Weight: 200g

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The RC906 Receiver is upgrade by RC832, it is a nice and small in size for easy integration into your ground station, but big in quality and features. 

Metal wire drawing process, all aluminum case, nice shape, light weight and durable, super cooling quite fan design for TX, ensure high performance for long distance, and long time working, unique and humanized Band and Channel Display(LED indicators), easy to know which frequency you are working on, Working on almost all the frequencies, 32ch, allow you to have 3 to 5 RC models play in one field;

Frequencies: 32 channels:

Band    CH1    CH2    CH3    CH4    CH5    CH6    CH7    CH8

    A    5865M  5845M  5825M  5805M  5785M  5765M  5745M  5725M

    B    5733M  5752M  5771M  5790M  5809M  5828M  5847M  5866M

    E    5705M  5685M  5665M  5645M  5885M  5905M  5925M  5945M

    F    5740M  5760M  5780M  5800M  5820M  5840M  5860M  5880M

Super high power 2000mW (33dB +-1dB, TS5832 and TS5833) and 1000mW (33dB +-1dB, TS5830), 2000mW (33dB +-1dB, TS5832 and TS5833) and 1000mW (33dB +-1dB, TS5830), great sensitiveness (RC906) help to receive signal in most large range possible, work friendly with 2.4GHz radio controllers and other devices, New feature RC remote channel setting way, allow you to set the frequency band and channel even after you mount all the gears to your planes/cars/boats, 7-24V DC input, support 2s to 6s batteries, RTF VTX / VRX for all. 


VideoPower On Working: Plug and Play

Input Voltage: 7-24V DC, 2-6 cells battery

Channel Switching: channel button and channel display

Antenna: RP-SMA female 50 ohm connector

Accessories: one original stick antenna, one multi function 5pin cable 

Size & Weight: 62mm*42mm*20mm, 52g 

Package Size & Weight: 135mm*85mm*45mm, 90g



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