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T40A SimonK Firmware ESC with Mould (4set/bag)

T40A SimonK Firmware ESC with Mould (4set/bag)

Price: $94.99

Item: T40A

Weight: 480g

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Trooper Q700 T40A SimonK Firmware ESC with Mould (4set/bag)

Product Function Illustrate:

The ESC of multi-copter brushless motor is special design for multi-copter aircraft, Throttle curve freely set and remove the brake function. To let player get a good throttle linearity. Wide voltage range can be configured to be compatible with a variety of brushless motor market.


Continuous current: 40A

Instant current(10S): 60A

BEC type: N/A

BEC output: OPTO

Battery cell: Li-io Li-poly 2-6S; NiMH NiCd 5-21

Weight: short wire: 36g; long wire:42g



4 pcs ESC 40A

2 pcs Green LED

2 pcs Red LED

Widar : 14-08-18 01:28
Can I use this ESC with a 8 cell setup ? It's for the SUNNYSKY Heavy duty V4014-12 6-8S KV320 Brushless Motor Multicopter 500W. The MAX current will be less than 22A. Regards Widar Thorstensen
Admin  Reply: 14-08-18 06:55
Hi Sir, This ESC just work on 2-6S. Thanks.

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