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Condor Stabilizer Brushless Gimbal RED BMCC 5D3 etc

Condor Stabilizer Brushless Gimbal RED BMCC 5D3 etc

Price: $1999.99

Item: Condor

Weight: 6000g

Quantity : 
app hook
The controller of Condor is AlexMos SimpleBGC 32-bit

It is PNP, assembled well before shipping.


- CNC all metal aluminum alloy

- 3-axis digital gyroscope

- Follow-up control mode

- Remote control mode

- Direction-locking mode

- High precision, 0.05 degree error

- Intelligent shock absorb system, smooth and steady.

- Battery 



- Site: 48*42*27mm

- Weight:4.4KG

- Bearing weight: 5kg(camera+lens)

- Camera support: RED BMCC Canon 5D2, 5D3, 6D, 7D, 60D, Nikon D600, D90, D700, etc

- Camera frame size: <=180mm

- Precision: +/- 0.05 degree

- Power supply: about 2hours

- Rotation range: pitch(+/-360degree)/roll(+/-360degree)/rotation(+/-360degree)

- Function support: three working mode that could switch, stabilization system, anti-shaking system, power feedback system, manual control, wireless remote control

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