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Elgae TS5830 Thunderbolt 1000mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter

Elgae TS5830 Thunderbolt 1000mW 5.8GHz FPV Transmitter

Price: $39.99

Item: TS5830

Weight: 200g

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Metal wire drawing process, all aluminum case, nice shape, light weight and durable;

Super cooling quite fan design for TX, ensure high performance for long distance, and long time working;

Unique and humanized Band and Channel Display(LED indicators), easy to know which frequency you are working on;

Working on almost all the frequencies, 32ch, allow you to have 3 to 5 RC models play in one field;

Great sensitiveness (RC905) help to receive signal in most large range possible;

Work friendly with 2.4GHz radio controllers and other devices;

New feature RC remote channel setting way, allow you to set the frequency band and channel even after you mount all the gears to your planes/cars/boats;

7-24V DC input, support 2s to 6s batteries, RTF VTX / VRX for all;

Model No.: TS5830

Frequencies: 32 channels

Band    CH1    CH2    CH3    CH4    CH5    CH6    CH7    CH8

  A    5865M  5845M  5825M  5805M  5785M  5765M  5745M  5725M

  B    5733M  5752M  5771M  5790M  5809M  5828M  5847M  5866M

  E    5705M  5685M  5665M  5645M  5885M  5905M  5925M  5945M

  F    5740M  5760M  5780M  5800M  5820M  5840M  5860M  5880M

Power: 1000mW (30dB +-1dB) of certified output power

Power On Working: Plug and Play

Input Voltage: 7-24V DC, 2-6 cells battery

Cooling System: whole body heat sink and cooling fan 

Channel Switching: channel button and channel display

Antenna: RP-SMA female 50 ohm connector

Accessories: one original stick antenna, one multi function 5pin cable 

Size & Weight: 62mm*42mm*20mm, 58g 

Package Size & Weight: 135mm*85mm*45mm, 82g

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