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Rctimer u-blox LEA-6H GPS & MAG V2

Rctimer u-blox LEA-6H GPS & MAG V2

Price: $39.99

Item: 6H-V2

Weight: 50g

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This is the best performance GPS module with HMC5883L compass. It can be mounted away from sources of interference. It features active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna, rechargeable backup Capacitors for warm starts, and I2C EEPROM for configuration storage. 

The GPS pre-configured for use with APM / Pixhawk and include cable for APM.

Change the 1.25-5P plug shell to 6P to fit Pixhawk.


u-blox LEA-6H GPS module

5Hz update rate

Built-in Flash for save configuration

25 x 25 x 4mm ceramic patch antenna

LNA and SAW chip

3.3V LDO low noise regulator

UART (TTL) port with EMI protection

3V Rechargeable Backup Capacitors

Fix indicator LED

Reverse polarity protection for input power

Default parameter

UBX protocol

Baud rate : 38400

Nav rate : 4Hz

TIMEPULSE (fix LED) rate : 1Hz


Dimension: 50 x 57 x 13mm

Weight: 31g (include cable)

Package content

LEA-GPS & MAG v2x 1

1.25-5P / 1.25-4P cable 270mm x1

1.25-6P plug shell x2


If the GPS used for Pixhawk, Please change the plug shell 5-Position to 6-Position like this:
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