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Spider FPV SL2212 & 9.4x4.3" Prop Kits

Spider FPV SL2212 & 9.4x4.3

Price: $119.99

Item: Spider-SL2212

Weight: 1250g

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RCTimer Spider FPV with SL2212/920KV CW CCW Multi-Rotor Motor and Propeller Combo 9.4x4.3 CW CCW

The Spider's arm and landing gear from F450/550, easy to assembly, it is re-design by RCTimer, you can use RCT800 arm also, frame with landing gear weight is 486g(appr), it is very easy to easily installed GoPro, brushless gimbal and AVDome, the material of board is high quality Glass fiber, it is very stronger, 28, 35 series motor and 9~12" propeller will be recommend.

Kit weight: 860g

ESC: Rctimer NFS30A 

SimonK FW
Conclusion NFS30A is a ny nice ESC, works very well, has all NFETS and FINALLY a 16 MHz Crystal so no temperature drift of ESC calibartion.
Input voltage:DC 6-16.8V(2-4S Lixx)
Running current:30A(Output:  Continuous 30A, Burst 40A up to 10 Secs.)
Size:  36mm (L) * 26mm (W) * 7mm (H).
Weight: 32g.
UBEC: without(OPTO

Motor: Rctimer SL2212/920KV

KV ----------------------------------------------- 920
Configu-ration -------------------------------- 12N14P
Shaft Diameter ------------------------------- 3mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len) -------------- Φ28х24
Weight(g) --------------------------------------- 48g
ldle current(10)@10v(A) ------------------- 0.4A
No.of Cells(Lipo) ----------------------------- 3-6S
Max Continuous current(A)180S ------- 20A
Max Continuous Power(W)180S -------- 400W
Max. efficiency current --------------------- (3-10A)>85%
internal resistance --------------------------- 62mΩ

Package included:

1 x Spider with landing gear
2 x SL2212-920kv  with CW Motor
2 x SL2212-920kv  with CCW Motor
1 x Power board
4 pairs 9.4x4.3" Self-locking Propeller

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