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Rctimer NEO-M8N GPS & MAG(Compass) V2.1

Rctimer NEO-M8N GPS & MAG(Compass) V2.1

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Item: NEO-M8

Weight: 50g

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Multi Constellation GPS (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS and SBAS) with HMC5883L compass. It can be mounted away from sources of interference. It features active circuitry for the ceramic patch antenna, rechargeable backup Capacitors for warm starts. 
The GPS designed for APM / Pixhawk and include cable for Pixhawk.
Change the 1.25-6P plug shell to 5P to fit APM.

NOTE: When connected to either APM 2.xx or Pixhawk, the firmware recognizes the ublox GPS 
and sends instruction to set the baudrate to 38,400, rate to 5Hz, turn off NMEA protocol, turn on UBX protocol, as well as other settings suited for use with APM and Pixhawk meaning that the "Default parameters" are irrelevant 
as they are overridden by the APM or Pixhawk firmware.

u-blox NEO-M8N GPS module
10Hz update rate
25 x 25 x 4mm ceramic patch antenna
LNA and SAW chip
3.3V LDO low noise regulator
UART (TTL) port with EMI protection

•3V Rechargeable Backup Capacitors
•Fix indicator LED
•Reverse polarity protection for input power

Default parameter
 Protocol: UBX+NMEA
 Baud rate : 9600
 Rate : 1Hz
 TIMEPULSE (Green fix LED) rate : 1Hz

Dimension: 50 x 57 x 13mm
Weight: 30g (include cable)

Package content
NEO-GPS & MAG v2 (M8N) x 1
1.25-6P / 1.25-4P cable 270mm x1
1.25-5P plug shell x2
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barndog726: 18-04-29 06:32
This is great GPS/Mag unit. It acquires satellites quickly and my GPS hold function works flawless. For proper installation I had to set my GPS orientation to "270 Flipped" in Inav. It comes with wires for Pixhawk but if you have the BeeRotor F3 board it comes with a connector that you can change to pins to. Here is my copter with all RCTimer parts.

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