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Rctimer 5010-260KV Multicopter Brushless Motor(4.0mm shaft)

Rctimer 5010-260KV Multicopter Brushless Motor(4.0mm shaft)

Price: $18.98

Item: 5010-31

Weight: 150g

Quantity : 
app hook



1.Machined aluminum front housing with four fan-style cooling holes that pump air through the motor while it runs.

2.Rear threaded mounting holes with both 16 mm and 19mm hole spacings fit a variety of applications.

3.Specially designed NdFeB magnets with high temperature rating for trouble-free operation.

4.High Temperature 140 C (356 F) rated wire is used for winding the motors to minimize the risk of burning up the motor.

5.High quality stator plates are epoxy coated on the inner surface to prevent winding shorts. 0.20mm stator plate id used on this

motor 5010.

6.High quality shielded and permanently lubricated ball bearings are used to support the motor shaft in all our motors.

7.High temperature adhesives are used to secure the stator windings and prevent them from shifting and getting pinched or shorting out .


KV: 260
Configu-ration: 12N14P
Shaft Diameter(out size): 4mm
Shaft Diameter(inside size): 5mm
Motor Dimension(Dia.*Len): Φ50х26
Weight(g): 100g
ldle current(10)@10v(A): 0.4A
No.of Cells(Lipo): 4-6S
Max Continuous current(A)180S: 20A
Max Continuous Power(W)180S: 450W
Max. efficiency current (3-8A): >85%
internal resistance: 0.6Ω
Cable 40cm

1* 5010 motor
4* Screw
1* Propeller adapter

Q : 17-03-31 19:26
It's very low KV not smooth for some ESC What ESC do you recommend thank you.
Admin  Reply: 17-04-16 10:45

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shaipul: 17-05-27 17:47
What size prop use for this motor..if i want to use 4s 5200mah..tq
Amin  Reply: 18-10-24 16:31
17x5.5" Thanks.

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