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Rctimer SuperN Mini ESC18A OPTO BLHeli FW (2-6S)

Rctimer SuperN Mini ESC18A OPTO BLHeli FW (2-6S)

Price: $19.99

Item: SuperN-18A

Weight: 50g

Quantity : 
app hook

ESC Features:

SuperN MINI ESCs were developed to hug your multicopter frame, maximizing performance. Featuring ultra light weight construction with excellent thermal properties for an ESC - the MOSFETS are specifically selected to run BLHELI with the least amount of heat production and highest efficiency.  Users will need to install wires (INCLUDED)


18Amp constant with 20Amp burst (In good air flow)
2 and 6S Capable 
Ultra light weight 2g PCB.  couple more grams with all motors and power wires.
400hz and 490hz compatible - DJi, naze32, cc & MultiWii tested with mni motors to 25,000rpm
Size:  20x15MM


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