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YFS® M3*16mm Allen Steel Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws (20pcs/bag)

YFS® M3*16mm Allen Steel Hexagon Socket Head Cap Screws (20pcs/bag)

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Fang Sheng Screw Co., Ltd (YFS) is one of the world's largest manufactures of Socket screws. Founded in 1979, YFS offers a broad line of quality Socket products and services. YFS has grown into the world’s Premier global provider of valued-based Socket head products. YFS products are manufactured from high tensile Alloy Steel, Class 12.9 and ASTM A574 for industrial machinery, electric appliances, automotive vehicles, military equipment and may other industrial products. YFS offers the highest quality fastener in the World, meeting all the manufacturing standards globally.

YFS® vision is to ALWAYS seek the best QUALITY, provide the best SERVICE to their customers and to protect the environment. Our management system is credited by ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 , ISO14001 and ISO 17025. YFS is the Premier global brand of high tensile SOCKET CAP SCREWS that are marketed GLOBALLY. 

Brand: YFS®
CAP International standard : DIN912  ISO4762  ASME B18.3
Diameter : M3
Length : 16mm
Type : Socket Head Cap Screw
Matching Nut & Washers: M3
Material: Alloy Steel Class 12.9
Made in TaiWan

Package included: 20pcs


It has the locking characteristic of both floating-head and countersunk screw. When used to assemble the complicated machines, it provides better tensile strength

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