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INDY250 FPV Racing Quadcopter FOV127 Version(PNF)

INDY250 FPV Racing Quadcopter FOV127 Version(PNF)

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Item: IndyCT127

Weight: 1300g

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The latest Indy 250 FOV127 Version offering incorporates quality Rctimer HP series brushless motors, open pilot CC3D flight control board (pre-tuned), BLheli speed controllers, ELGAE® FOV127 FPV200-set with LT200.
The CC3D Flight controller provides a crisp feel when flying tricopters, quads, hexcopters, octocopters, and even fixed wing planes and has been specifically selected for this PNF quadcopter to bring you a super stable quadcopter straight out of the box.
The ground control software (GCS) provides an easy way to program the board via a USB connection. Each board has been pre-flashed and tuned with the latest firmware so setting up your quadcopter will take no time at all.   
• Mini30A(SN) BLHeli Speed controllers oneshot125
• Powerful Rctimer HP2206-2000kv motors
• Pre-tuned CC3D flight control system
• Open pilot cloud configured and pre-tuned
• Extremely durable carbon fiber construction
• full parts support
• PCB circuit board(Support 5V/12V output)
• Plastic composite 450 helicopter style landing gear & Aluminum StandOff
• ELGAE® FOV127 FPV200-set with LT200, V700 and FPV RTU cable(32CH)

Wheel Base: 250mm
Motors: Rctimer HP2206-2000kv (pre-installed)
ESC: Mini30A opto BLHeli (pre-installed)
Props: 6x4.5 Prop (pre-installed)
Flight Controller: CC3D (pre-installed)
ELGAE® FOV127 FPV200-set with LT200, V700 and FPV RTU cable(32CH)
Weight: 360g

Package included:

Indy250 FOV127 PNF kit * 1 set

5~6ch control radio
1300~2200 3s battery or the 4S

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