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Rctimer OZE32 AIO Flight Controller ACRO v1.3

Rctimer OZE32 AIO Flight Controller ACRO v1.3

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Dear customers:

New version improved on:

1. Lower onboard BEC output voltage to reduce the MAX7456 damage probability, it will aviod the ignition of the power supply of pulse pressure or BEC output too high will lead to MAX7456 damage, solved OSD blank screen.

2. Upgrade OSD bootloader  to facilitate  use  the latest version Arduino and  upgrade OSD firmware.

3. The Sbus receiver can be connected to DSM2 port through our SBUS inverter(+5V is needed for the receiver):

4. Strongly recommends that you use anti spark power plug, in order to reduce the probability of all kinds of electronic equipment failure.

Hope you can understanding.
RCTIMER Hobby Groups.


The OZE32 FC base on NAZE32, but it has integrated MiniOSD, PDB, BEC and Current and voltage sensors, soulation for FPV, incl. almost everything FPV needed (excl. RF) on 35x35 mm PCB.

• STM103 MCU runs Cleanflight firmware
• Only 35x35mm, mount holes 30x30mm
• Onboard USB
• incl. 5V 3A UBEC
• incl. complete OSD hardware, Compatible with MinimOSD/MWOSD/CC3D OSD
• incl. one small PDB
• incl. Current and voltage sensors

The defualt firmware of OSD for Cleanflight
The board can support 2-6S.
The board can take 80amps current sensor (Burst 110Amps)

For switch the usb connection, USB  to OZE32 or USB to OSD or OZE32to OSD

OZE32 support PPM ,DSM2 Spektrum Serial(spektrum satellit receiver) and SBUS(we will support a SBUS inverter come with OZE32).

*ACRO version hasn't MS5611 on board





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