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Rctimer USB ESCLinker V1.0

Rctimer USB ESCLinker V1.0

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    app hook

    Multifunction tools, compatible with SIMONK and

    BLHELI ESC(With or without Bootloader)*,supports

    ISP and C2 Mode to flash new MCU(which hasn't

    installed Bootloader)


    • Direct plug design, works with most USB port and USB Extension


    • Low power consumption design

    • On board 2x3 Pin AVR ISP port

    • 3pin Servo connector, can be used as Servo or C2 connection

    • Supports SIMONK and BLHELI ESC

    • Software upgradeable (Via Arduino or BLHELISUIT)

    • Pre-Load as BLHELISUIT 4w-if 14.1 firmware


    * Only ISP or C2 mode possible when there is no bootloader


    ** Arduino as ISP

    *** Using BLHELISUIT

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