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RCTimer Micro MiniOSD w/KV Team MOD

RCTimer Micro MiniOSD w/KV Team MOD

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    The Micro MinimOSD is the next evolution of minimization.

    The MnimOSD was engineered to bring user a very powerfull OSD at a unreal cost.

    •All the same features as the original, but less the half the size.

    • NO Dc/Dc convert, power board via 5 volts

    • FTDI cable compatible pinout

    • Two LED indicators

    • ATmega328 with Arduino bootloader

    • MAX7456 monochrome on-screen display

    • Pad for an Analog or Digital PWM RSSI signal

    • Pad for the connection of a Current Sensor

    • Standalone, or with APM/ Flip / Flip32+ flight controllers

    • These modifications allow direct connection of two batteries (up to 4S,just voltage sensor, will not take power from lipo)

    MAVLink-OSD is an Arduino based project and it is fully compatible with original MinimOSD.

    This board can be used for all APM/PX4/PIXHAWK/Multwii/CLEANFLIGHT/OPENPILOT.

    Default firmware is OpenPilot.

    How to setup hardware (original Wiki):

    MinimOSD-Extra firmware:

    rush-osd-development firmware:

    MW OSD firmware

    MinopOSD firmware:


    •Dimension: 15mm x 15mm(no include connector)

    •Weight: 1.1g (include cable)

    Package content

    •Micro MininmOSD x 1

    •Right Angle Pin Header 1 Row, 6 Pin, 2.54mm Pitch x1 

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