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Rctimer FR2205-2550KV High Power Motor Over 1100g thrust

Rctimer FR2205-2550KV High Power Motor Over 1100g thrust

Price: $10.99

Item: FR2205-2550KV

Weight: 100g

Quantity : 
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 We have upgraded FR2205-2550KV now.


1. The magnet specification is 52 uh.
2. The bearing is NMB(Japan) , it can support a long life.
3. 0.20mm laminations, maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses.
4. Ultra-flexible motor leads with high-temp 220 °silicone rubber.
5. With rotor dynamic balance process.
6. 5.0mm outside shaft for prop.
7. 5.0mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nut 

Stator Diameter: 22 mm
Stator Thickness: 5 mm
Number of Stator Slots: 12
Number of Magnet Poles: 14
Motor Kv Value: 2550 RPM
No Load Current (Io)  1.0 Amps @ 10 Volts: 0.8 Amps
Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase: 0.06 Ohms
Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase: 0.04 Ohms
Maximum Continuous Current: 32 Amps
Max Continuous Power (3-cell Li-Po): 360 Watts
Max Continuous Power (4-cell Li-Po): 450 Watts
Motor Weight: 29 g
Outside Diameter: 27.7 mm
Motor Shaft Diameter: 3 mm
Prop Shaft Diameter: 5 mm
Motor Body Length: 21 mm
Overall Shaft Length: 34.5 mm
Motor Timing: 5-10 degrees
PWM Frequency: 8-20 KHz

Package included:

1 pcs  FR2205 motor
2 pcs 5.0mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nut
4 pcs M3*6mm YFS screws

toutoune06 : 17-04-10 16:29
I have exactly the same question as Crazycoder. I need a replacement engine because one of the engines burned this weekend but I'm not new (I think) I bought them on aliexpress long ago. The performance are you it similar and can you couple them with old version ???
Admin  Reply: 17-04-16 10:41
Yes, they are same!
CrazyCoder : 16-03-20 11:16
The description says that you have now upgraded this motor. What does that mean? What if I've got it a month ago? Do I have a different version with lower performance? What if I need a replacement for that version? If I have placed an order a week ago and it's still not shipped, which version of the motor will I get?
Admin  Reply: 16-03-21 09:02
Please check the price is 15.99 now.

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e3scott: 17-10-16 21:50
I have been running this motor on foam park jets (RC Powers style planes) on 3S using 6x4 APC and Master Airscrew 6x4x3 props, lots of power and speed for planes in the neighborhood of 21.5 oz/610 gr. I have been using a 30A ESC, with both props it pulls around 30A, but the motor runs cool even in warm summer weather. Very light and powerful, very pleased with the performance, I have over 100 flights already on two of the motors I bought without any problem. Highly recommend for a lighter weight, powerful park jet setup. Cheers, Scott
iso_v2: 17-01-16 21:15
I love this motor! I have it on my DALRC220 Frame with 30A ESC an 5045 triblade - so much fun and power! :-) I fly them for a year with several crashes and this motors work like a charm

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