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BeeRotor Victory230 FPV Racing Quadcopter 200mW RTF

BeeRotor Victory230 FPV Racing Quadcopter 200mW RTF

Price: $239.99

Item: VCT230-200R

Weight: 1600g

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BeeRotor has designed the new Victory 230 as a purebred, high-speed FPV racer. This comes with high power Rctimer FR2205-2300KV Red Edition Racing Motors. The processor by F3, RCTimer X-Drone 20A ESCs, Serial receiver support… and so much more, and so much more. Victory230 is ARF, just add a compatible R/C Rx (PPM/SBUS/SumD/DSM2/DSMX and RSSI input), and a battery, and go race, everything else is included, from the BeeRotor Tx antenna, to the props.


• Optimization for Cleanflight/Betaflight firmware
• ARM Cortex-M4 core STM32F303CC with 32bit/72MHz/256K Flash/40K SRAM and hardware floating point unit
• MPU6050 and BMP180 Sensors
• Build-in 8MB flash for black box log recorder
• Receiver connector with PPM/SBUS/SumD/DSM2/DSMX and RSSI input
• On board OSD with absolutely original MAX7456EUI+ and standard FTDI debug port
• Connectors for SWD/GPS/MAG/soft-serial/cam-stab servo
• On board Buzzer/12 WS2812B RGB LED/5V-3A BEC
• On board voltage & current sensors
• X-Drone20A ESC 3~4S with BLHeli firmware
• High power FR2205/2300KV Red Edition motors and BR5x4x3 propellers
• 700 lines CCD camera M12-2.8IR 3MP (PAL)
• 200mW Video transmitter, 40 channels: Cover A, B, E, F bands and R bands


Size (diagonal): 230mm
Motors: FR2205-2300KV Red Edition
ESC: X-Drone20A
Flight Controller: STM32F303CC "BeeRotorF3(BRF3)"
OSD:Full Graphic
Arms: Φ12 Carbon Fibre tube
64Mbit flash for logging
Rx Support: PPM/SBUS/SumD/DSM2/DSMX and RSSI input
Rx Selection: Fully Automatic
Case: Zipper case included
USB Port: Through-Hole (Much more robust)
LED Board:  more robust
FlightCam: BeeRotor 700TVL CCD / M12-2.8IR(3MP)
Weight: 368g without battery


The LT230 transmitter packs 200mW of ultra clean 5.8GHz power in a micro sized video/audio transmitter! A must for those looking save size and weight while still getting good performance. The LT230 is transmitting a full range of 40 channels and only weighs less than 10g. It’s perfect for a wide range of aircraft!


40 channels: Cover A, B, E, F bands and R bands 
Micro sized and light weight
Transmitter frequency: 5645-5945MHz with 500mW power output
Transmitting distance > ~1500m (open area)
LED indicators for Fr/Ch

LT230 specs:

Modulate: Wideband FM Modulate
Video Format: NTSC/PAL
Output Impedance: 50 Ohm
Output Power: 20-22dBm
Channel: 40 CH
Operating Voltage: 3.7-5.2V
Supply Current: 300mA (550mA@3.7V)
Operating Temperature: -10~85 Video Band Width : 0~8.0 MHz
Audio Carrier Frequency: 6.5 MHz
Video Input Level: 0.8~1.2 Vp-p
Video Input Impedance: 75 Ohm
Audio Input Level: 0.5~2.0 Vp-p
Audio Input Impedance: 10K Ohm
Connector: SMA Female
Antenna connection: SMA Male
Dimension: 25m x 18.5mm x 6mm
Weight: 6.4g (without antenna)

Frequency and channel frequency table:

Band A 5865 5845 5825 5805 5785 5765 5745 5725
Band B 5733 5752 5711 5790 5809 5828 5847 5866
Band E 5705 5685 5665 5645 5885 5905 5925 5945
Band F 5740 5760 5780 5800 5820 5840 5860 5880
Band R (B&E both bright) 5658 5695 5732 5769 5806 5843 5880 5917


1 x Victory230 Quad, Fully assembled and tested
1 x Victory230 Zipper case
1 x SBUB Interface Cable
4 x BeeRotor 5x4x3 Tri Props
1 x Extra one set Plastic parts
1 x GoPro mount

s0lstiCe : 16-10-02 04:37
hello, Can the box be closed when the propellers are mounted? thx
Admin  Reply: 16-10-05 08:40
two blade prop can closed, three blades prop need remove.
s0lstiCe : 16-09-19 02:25
Hi, could you close the ziper case without unmount the 4 tri props ? thx
Admin  Reply: 16-10-05 08:41
It can't closed, but two blades prop is ok.

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