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Rctimer/BeeRotor Mini FPV Racing Gates

Rctimer/BeeRotor Mini FPV Racing Gates

Price: $57.99

Item: MG13590

Weight: 1000g

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Thanks for choosing Rctimer Mini FPV Racing Gates! This is an arch shape gate specially designed for FPV racing.

1. The Mini FPV Racing Gates can be easily installed.

2. The glass fiber slender rods are a bit flexible and the flag cloth is very soft, so they can survive repeated ramming of the racers without destroying the aircraft. 

3. You can insert LED strips into the edge of the flag for night flight. One 300cm long strip is recommended.


Width: 135cm 

Height: 90cm

Weight: 0.9kg

Package size: 58*8*10 cm

Installation steps

1. Take out the parts from the handy bag. 

2. Assemble the glass fiber slender rods and fix the flag on the slender rods.

3. Please knock the wedges into the ground about 10cm (the optimal distance is 135cm), then sheath them with the steel tubes and fix the slender rods and flag into the tubes on both ends.

4. Fasten the flag with the strings on the tubes.

5. Execute the contrary steps to uninstall the Mini Gates.

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