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BeeRotor BS20A OneShot/Multishot/Dshot BLS ESC

BeeRotor BS20A OneShot/Multishot/Dshot BLS ESC

Price: $11.99

Item: BS20A

Weight: 60g

Quantity : 
app hook

Blheli_S FW: 
Default: L_H_0_REV16.3.hex 


                  ·Latest EFM8BB2 mcu with 48MHz high-speed
                  ·Three-Phase mosfet driver with hardware Synchronous rectification
                  ·BLHeli_S firmware with oneshot125/oneshot42/multishot supported
                  ·235uF high capacitance ceramic capacitors
                  ·2~4S power input , no BEC
                  ·2048 steps PWM resolution with control signal EN/PWM
                  ·Continuous current 20A / peak current 30A
                  ·Twisted-pair signal cable
                  ·Ultra-small dimension: 24 x 13 x 3.6mm
                  ·Weight: 4.43g (include cable)


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cawzt3: 16-10-08 09:49
You guys really out did yourselves with this one. The resolution on these ESC's is much crisper than my OneShot125 setups. You Can't beat These for the price! Top Quality. Im truly glad i waited till there was a solid esc I can depend on in the BLHELI_S! Will Buy More!

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