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BeeRotor Racer190 FPV Quad ARF Kit (DSHOT Version)

BeeRotor Racer190 FPV Quad ARF Kit (DSHOT Version)

Price: $199.99

Item: TD190-Z2010

Weight: 400g

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Pack Product NO Price
TD190-Z2010 TD190-Z2010 $219.00
TD190-Z2205 TD190-Z2205 $199.99


This is the BeeRotor Thunderbolt 190- a 4mm carbon fiber frame designed from the ground up for FPV Racing. The Thunderbolt is inspired design met with months of revisions, testing, and hard work. BeeRotor didn’t want to make just any racing drone- we wanted to make the best racing drone possible for you!

The Thunderbolt 190 supports HD cameras with ease-  Use a  RunCam, GoPro Hero or Session to record your flight videos. Just drop on your camera and strap it with almost any battery strap- and remove it within seconds for when you need the lightest possible setup for racing.

Beveled edges for weight savings and our new design features an aluminium battery guard on the bottom for easily swapping battery straps if and when they break in a crash~ No more fiddling around with replacing your battery strap ever again!  It’s one of the easiest racing aircraft to work on with an extremely accessible layout that makes even field repairs quick.

Optimized for the BeeRotorF3 Flight Controller with built-in current sensors- it supports 5V,12V, LED output, a built-in Buzzer, and OSD.

Package Included:

1 *  TD190 Kit
4 *  Zoe2010/2400KV
4 *  BeeRotor Dshot 20A

1 * BRF3 AIO
1 * BeeRotor D700 Cam
1 * BeeRotor 200mW 40CH VTX
1 * BeeRotor HoneyDrop RHCP Anttenna

4* 5045-MC

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