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BeeRotorF4 BetaFlight Flight Controller with BFOSD

BeeRotorF4 BetaFlight Flight Controller with BFOSD

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  • Item: BRF4

    Weight: 100g

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    app hook

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    Notice: please check the what .hex file after got the BRF4, if it is BF3.2, please change to Release 3.17 verison.


    Dimension: 35x35mm

    Mounting holes: 30x30mm

    MCU: STM32F405RG
    IMU: MPU6050A (SPI) with Interrupt (this is the new name of ICM-20689)
    Baro: BMP280 via I2C
    VCP: yes
    Hardware ISP: 3
    Hardware uarts: 3
    Blackbox: MicroSD socket
    PPM/UART share: UART2
    Frsky/Smartport: UART3
    Voltage sensor: on board voltage divider
    Transponder/led-strip share: yes
    Bottons: 1-dfu
    Status leds: 1

    memox : 17-04-10 18:15
    Are the connector cables included ? Maybe some spare connectors ? Killed some connectors recently and had to wait until i received new on from china.
    Admin  Reply: 17-04-16 10:41
    All wires inluced!

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