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BeeRotor 2.4x3.5x4 - 4 Blade Propeller (10pairs)

BeeRotor 2.4x3.5x4 - 4 Blade Propeller (10pairs)

Price: $7.99

Item: BR2435

Weight: 50g

Quantity : 
app hook



Looking for a high performance 4 bladed prop solution for your micro quad? Look no further than  2345-4 propeller set - absolutely perfect for micro quad precision & performance.
Light, strong and well balanced, provides awesome performance at an affordable price. And when it comes to consistent levels of in flight performance, you covered with prop sets that perform back to back, without issue.
Applicable for 1104, 1102, 11xx motors, be sure to grab a set of 1935-4 propellers - the leader in all things FPV.
Center hole diameter: 1.5MM
M2 installation distance: 5.0MM
Weight: 1.27g / P

10Pairs 2435 props

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