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BeeRotor 5.8G HiVE HoneyDrop VTX&RX

BeeRotor 5.8G HiVE HoneyDrop VTX&RX

Price: $34.99

Item: HH01

Weight: 100g

Quantity : 
app hook
Pack Product NO Price
HH01 HH01 $34.99
HH02 HH02 $68.99
HH03 HH03 $99.99



Modulate: Wideband FM Modulate

Channel: 40 CH

Operating Voltage: 7-24V

Connector: SMA Female

Antenna connection: SMA Male

Dimension: 25m x 20mm x 8.7mm

Weight: 9g (without antenna)

Frequency and channel frequency table:


HH01: 1 set HiVE&HoneyDropV2

HH02: 2 set HiVE&HoneyDropV2

HH03: 3 set HiVE&HoneyDropV2

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jaspersdream: 17-05-18 12:05
I absolutely love this killer combo, the Honeydrop antenna is heavy duty but extremely light weight. The vtx is also super light and small but still delivers on the quality video. They both come super easy to set up and ready to go with all the cables needed. Will definitely be ordering another set if eaither of these ever decide I've given them to much abuse.

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