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BeeRotorF4Mini Flight Controller with BFOSD / PDB

BeeRotorF4Mini Flight Controller with BFOSD / PDB

Price: $24.99

Item: MiniF4

Weight: 100g

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  • Optimization for both Betaflight & iNAV firmware.
  • STM32F405RG with 32bit/168MHz/1024KB Flash/192KB SRAM
  • MPU6050A Gyro and ACC sensors via SPI BUS
  • Supports - Betaflight OSD through on-board OSD system. (Configurable via Betaflight GUI)
  • 1-Wire signal receiver support and SmartPort ready (on-board diodes) Telemetry.
  • 3 Serial Ports and 8 motor Output Ports
  • Built-in BEC 5.3V/1.2A with 2~5S input.
  • Built-in Power Distribution Board (PDB) Supporting a massive 60A current, with each esc pad up to 20A each.
  • 6 layer PCB with 3oz copper traces. Specially designed for a micro sized Flight Controller!
  • Dimensions: 27x33mm / mounting hole spacing 20mm / Weight 4.1g


IMU: MPU6050A (SPI) (this is the new name for ICM-20689)

BARO: None

VCP: Yes

OSD: BFOSD - Betaflight OSD configurable via Betaflight GUI

Hardware ISP: 3

Hardware UARTS: 3

Blackbox: Not Supported (No SD Reader)


Frsky/SmartPort: UART3, integrated diode for SmartPort Support

Voltage Sensor: On Board Voltage Divider

Current sensor: No

Transponder/LED-Strip Support: Yes

Transponder Driver: No

Bottons: 1-DFU

Status LED’s: 1


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