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RCTimer ESC 7A Brushless Motor Speed Controller

RCTimer ESC 7A Brushless Motor Speed Controller

Price: $9.99

Item: ESC7A

Weight: 60g

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RCTimer ESC 7A Brushless Motor Speed Controller

Hobbywing's Program

Item Name: AR-7A
Constant Current: 6A
Peak Current: 10A
Input Voltage: 2s lipo
Dimension: 25*13*7mm
Weight: 5.5g


1. All the components are original quality to ensure the high quality and reliability.
2. Import MOSFE with ultra-low resistance and 4 layer 3OZ copper plate for strong withstanding current.
3. Three start mode: regular start, soft start and super soft start, which compatible with fixed wing aircraft and helicopter.
4. Programmable throttle curve suitable for all kinds of remote controllers. Smooth and exquisite speed regulation, perfect speed linear.
5. The maximum rotation speed can up to 210000RPM (2 poles motor), 70000RPM ( 6 poles motor), 35000RPM (12 poles motor).
6. Multiple protection: input voltage abnormality protection, low voltage battery protection, overheat protection, throttle signal loss protection etc.

1* 7A ESC
1* Manual

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