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2kg Micro Electric Landing Gears for aircraft 15094

2kg Micro Electric Landing Gears for aircraft 15094

Price: $8.99

Item: 15094

Weight: 60g

Off the shelf


1. Micro size landing gears
2. Suit for 2kg weight and 1.0m wing span plane
3.Smart built-in circuit design
4. Metal gears

Item No.: 15094
Size(L*W*H): 54.8*32.0*21.0mm 2.15*1.26*0.82inch
Weight: 18.8g/0.66oz
Speed: 0.55s/60°  at 4.8V 0.45s/60° at 6V
Torque: 1.1kg-cm at 4.8V 1.4kg-cm at 6V
               15.29oz-in at 4.8V 19.5oz-in at 6V
Landing Struct Diameter: 3mm
Support Flight Weight 2kg, 1.0mm wingspan plane
Operating Voltage: 4.8V-6.0V
Wire Length: 100mm
Wire Color: Brown, Red, Orange
Plug Type: JR Plug

  4.8V 6.0V
Speed 0.55s/60° 0.45s/60°
Torque 1.1kg-cm 1.4kg-cm
Torque 15.29oz-in 19.5oz-in

Important Notes:

1,  Specify the connector type when you purchase the servo.

2,  Refer to the figure when installing the servo accessories.

3,  For engine powered airplanes

4,  Please choose correct model for your application.

5,  Torque over-loaded will damage the servo's mechanism-.

6,  Keep the servo clean and away from dust, corrosive gas and humid air.

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