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HP2812 750KV Brushless Motor

HP2812 750KV Brushless Motor

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Item: HP2812-750

Weight: 90g

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HP2812-750KV Brushless Motor



RCTimer High Performance(HP) Series brushless motor built from high quality components:

1. The magnet specification is 40 uh.
2. The bearing is NSK(Japan), it can support a long life.
3. 0.20mm laminations, maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses.
4. Ultra-flexible motor leads with high-temp 220 °silicone rubber.
5. With rotor dynamic balance process.

Lipo Battery: 2S~4S

Weight: 55g
Wire: 20mm
Shaft: 3.17*45mm
Size: 28*31
Overall Shaft Length: 13mm
Mount Holes: 16*19mm

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