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Rctimer Voltage & Current Sensor 90A W/T-Plug Kit

Rctimer Voltage & Current Sensor 90A W/T-Plug Kit

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Item: VIS-TPlug

Weight: 30g

Rctimer Voltage & Current Sensor 90A (suit MultiWii, APM, etc)

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RCTimer Voltage & Current Sensor 90A Soldered T-Plug

(suit MultiWii, APM, etc)

It is not solder.

This is a small DC voltage and current sense board. It measuring voltage and current, then converted to a final analog voltage output by the INA-169. Voltage sense is accomplished by scaling to 3.3V ADC range by a precision resistor divider.

The PCB is supplied without leads or connectors. The pad sizes are large enough to accommodate 12 gauge heavy duty leads (see datasheet) but care must be exercised in soldering. Smaller gauge leads are considerably easier to solder without creating shorts.

This board can be used for many flight controller, like AIOP / APM.


How to Setup with APM / AIOP(running MPNG):
Select AttoPilot 50V 90A in APM setup panel in Mission Planner.


Hardware Features:
   • 51.8V Max
   • 89.4A Max
   • Very low zero current offset
   • Analog output scaled for 3.3V ADC
   • Self Powered

 •Dimension: 15x17mm


Package content
 •V & I Sensor x 1
 •UART 3Pin cable 150mm x1



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