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(4 pairs) TM 12x5.5" Carbon Fiber CW CCW Propeller

(4 pairs) TM 12x5.5

Price: $24.99

Item: 4*TM1255

Weight: 200g

Quantity : 
app hook
4 Pairs TM 1255 Carbon Fiber 12x5.5" CW CCW Counter Rotating Propellers

Product Description:

Size: 12x5.5"

prop cw x 4
prop ccw x  4

jacekj : 14-08-19 22:06
which motors are these propellers will fit? I see all motors in stock have SHAFT adapters but none have mounting for these propellers. I need motor in range of KV 550 - 700 , 22 - 24 poles ( pancake type )
Admin  Reply: 14-08-21 09:56
Hi Sir, you can use HP4215 with this adapter:

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