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AlexMos SimpleBGC 8bit 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller

AlexMos SimpleBGC 8bit 3 Axis Brushless Gimbal Controller

Price: $120.99

Item: AlexMos-3Axis

Weight: 60g

Off the shelf

AlexMos 3 axis Sipmle BGC w / 2.3 Firmware


We have contacted to Alex about the V3.0 manual, and we will update the manual ASAP.



Please in strict accordance with the above connection mode properly connected gyro and extended board, Pay attention to the connection error may cause permanent damage of the board.


Please read this befor your purchase:

We have tested our inventory, we receive all Alexmos Controllers direct from Alex, it is common for individuals to incorrectly apply power and damage these sensitive boards.

We will warranty Only manufacturer defects and will not support boards damaged by purchaser. If you feel your board is Maufacture defect. Return at your expense and we will evaluate. If we discover a manufacture defect, we will replace and ship a replacement at no charge


  Product Description

AlexMos SimpleBGC V3.0 "AlexMos"  Simple Brushless Gimbal Controller. This board set is fully assembled and ready to use board with latest firmware designed by Alex Moskalenko.

What's NEW:

- New option: skip gyro calibraion at startup. With this option checked, board starts working immediately after power ON.  

- New menu command and GUI button for manual gyro calibration RC Map, RC Source moved to profiles. It allows to change RC control setting by switching profiles.

- RC YAW axis control may be  inverted now by specifying Min.angle > Max.angle, like for other axis (but this setting not used for limiting, just for inverting).

- I2C errors monitoring: LED will blink when I2C error detected

- New option: gyro high sensivity. It doubles sensivity of the gyro, that  equals to multiplying gains in the PID controller by 2.  It may be usefull for big DSLR cameras.

- The "Firmware Upgrade" tab in the GUI is working now and allows to upload a new firmware.


50*50mm size with 45*45mm mounting hole pattern for M3 screws

Onboard mini-USB

Access to serial port, so a Bluetooth can also be hooked for easy tuning.

L6234 Motor drivers

Atmega 328P with Alexmos Bootloader preinstalled

Controller weight: 15 grams

MPU6050 IMU included


Firmware: SimpleBGC_2_1.enc.hex


Driver:Cp2102 USB Driver


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