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RCTimer AVDome Protection AntiVibration Dome

RCTimer AVDome Protection AntiVibration Dome

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Item: AVDome

Weight: 300g

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RCTimer AVDome Protection AntiVibration Dome


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The AVDome (AntiVibrationDome) design by RCTimer and UAVObjects LLC.
It will include the USB cable, The Capacitor and the Buzzer. The dome will come in Clear and you guys can Dye, Paint, Decal or Hydrograph to your hearts content.

AV Dome can be used with ArduFlyer, APM 2.5, PX4 and PixHawk, there is room to fit all flight controllers inside dome, you can drill extra holes for your FC, there is sufficient demand those holes can be drilled in carbon fiber plate.

Dome Size: 130*62mm (Just clear dome)
Total weight: 178g (one set)

5V Active Buzzer Continous Beep
Cable: 160mm

Brand: Rubycon(YXJ)
Capacitance: 3300µF
Voltage Rating: 16V
Operating Temperature Range: -40°C to +105°C
Cable length: 100mm

Micro USB cable:
Micro USB Male left right angle to Female micro USB
Length: 250mm

Package included:
AV Dome x 1 set
USB Cable x 1
Buzzer x 1
Capacitor x1

**********************************************************  (Denise's flight video)


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