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Rctimer GBM2804 Hollow Shaft Brushless Gimbal Motor

Rctimer GBM2804 Hollow Shaft Brushless Gimbal Motor

Price: $11.94

Item: GBM2804-HS

Weight: 100g

Quantity : 
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Looking to make your video platform ultra-smooth? This is the ultimate in smooth high pole count purpose built brushless gimbal motors.

The 2804 motor comes with flush mounting so any DIY to PRO projects are simple and straight forward, it also comes with the standard female connector pre-installed, So wiring is as simple as plugging it in. It’s a perfect match to the Brushless Gimbal Stabilization Board and IMU.

The 2804 is the perfect size for cameras around 100-300 grams (GoPro style).

Poles: 12N14P
Resistance: 10.0 omh
Weight: 41.42g
Wire: 0.19mm
Turn: 100T
Bottom holes center to center: 16mm and 19mm
Top holes center to center: 12mm


procam1 : 14-04-13 03:32
Hi, I am Ferenc Turai from Hungary. I would like to ask you - do you have a Brushless Gimbal Motor GBM2804-HS Hollow Shaft in stock? And one more IMPORTANT QUESTION: We would like to use this motor for our special project, so maybe i would like to buy 2-4 pieces now (for test), and more pieces (20-50-...(?) in the future (in this year). What you think (do you know?) can you sell this (2804 Hollow Shaft) type motor in the future continuously? Looking forward to your reply ASAP. Thank you very much. Best regards Ferenc
Admin  Reply: 14-05-08 16:16
Yes, it is in stock.
procam1 : 14-03-20 06:10
Hi! Do you have this motor usually and now in stock? I need two pieces now! (and more pieces later...) Thanks for your help! Best regards Ferenc Turai from Hungary
Admin  Reply: 14-08-18 07:54
Yes, all of the products are in stock. Thanks.

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