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F800 EVO Multi-Rotor with Retractable Landing Skid

F800 EVO Multi-Rotor with Retractable Landing Skid

Price: $999.99

Item: S800EVO

Weight: 5000g

Off the shelf

The RCTimer F800 100% compatible with DJI S800

F800 EVO with ASP 3Axis gimbal : (rctimer)


Video1: ( HeliCam)

Video2:  (Marco Robustini)

Video3: ( Craig Cole)

Video3: RCTIMER ASP gimbal working with F800  (Kendall)

Retractible Landing GEAR: (Andrey Belov-Kovalevsky)


- High stability
- Long flight time(We tested flying 23 minute)
- High agility
- Fast assembly


S800 EVO package include :

- EVO Arm ( ESC 2-6S 40A ; Motor 4114 kv400 )  x 6pcs

- Central Board  x 1 Set

- high performance 1552 folding propellers x 6sets

- Retractile Landing Gear x 1set

- Battery Tray for S800 (suit X650 X800)

ESC: We use HV40A(2-6S) by SimonK Fireware(Upgrad by SimonK)

ESC: 4 Green LED, 2 Red LED

Motor: We use HP4114 Pro

Technical Spec:

- Diagonal axis length: 800mm

- Takeoff Weight: 6kg

- Load Weight : 2kg

Calibration Procedure:

1. Power off

2. Press and hold button and apply power, Release button

3. Press Button once more

4.Auto calibration continues on it’s own

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