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Rctimer BC3530/8 1700KV Outrunner Brushless Motor (Shaft 5.0mm)

Rctimer BC3530/8 1700KV Outrunner Brushless Motor (Shaft 5.0mm)

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Item: BC3530-8

Weight: 90g

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BC3530-8 1700KV Outrunner Brushless Motor

Model: BC3530-8
Motor size: Ф35*30mm
Shaft size: Ф5.0*47.5mm
Weight: 74g
KV(rpm/v): 1700
Max Power: 460W
Battery: 2-4Li-Po
Prop: 7x4/6x6
Ri(MΩ): 0.040
ESC: 30A

The motor with the mount

johnhennesey : 14-09-03 10:02
I was thinking of pairing this motor with the esc 40a brushless motor speed controller ( - Is this a good pairing? Is the esc easy to program for this motor? (I'm new to electrics). Also, what size female connectors do I need to get to connect the esc to the motor? 3, 3.5, 4 mm, etc? Nowhere does it specify the size of the male connectors already attached to the motor. Thanks, John
Admin  Reply: 14-09-03 10:40
Yes, you can use this ESC 40A, it is hobbywing program, motor has soldered the 3.5mm connector, but esc doesn't solder. Thanks.

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shurt: 20-01-14 09:14
Mounted on a Crash Test Hobby 55" wing Grim Reaper and it's more than enough power.
nicky5: 17-12-20 07:26
Running this on a 55" wing with a 7x6 prop in combat,this is one though motor and great performance too.

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