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BeeRotor Victory 230 FPV Mini-quad Racing QuadCopter 500mW RTF

BeeRotor Victory 230 FPV Mini-quad Racing QuadCopter  500mW RTF

Price: $189.99

Item: VT230-2205

Weight: 1600g

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VT230-2205 VT230-2205 $189.99
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BeeRotor has designed the new Victory 230 as a purebred, high-speed FPV racer. This comes with high power Rctimer FR2306-2300KV/ FR2205/2300KV Racing Motors. The processor by F3, RCTimer X-Drone 20A ESCs, Serial receiver support… and so much more, and so much more. Victory230 is ARF, just add a compatible R/C Rx (PPM/SBUS/SumD/DSM2/DSMX and RSSI input), and a battery, and go race, everything else is included, from the BeeRotor Tx antenna, to the props.


• Optimization for Cleanflight/Betaflight firmware

• ARM Cortex-M4 core STM32F303CC with 32bit/72MHz/256K Flash/40K SRAM and hardware floating point unit

• MPU6050 and BMP180 Sensors

• Build-in 8MB flash for black box log recorder

• Receiver connector with PPM/SBUS/SumD/DSM2/DSMX and RSSI input

• On board OSD with absolutely original MAX7456EUI+ and standard FTDI debug port

• Connectors for SWD/GPS/MAG/soft-serial/cam-stab servo

• On board Buzzer/12 WS2812B RGB LED/5V-3A BEC

• On board voltage & current sensors

• X-Drone20A ESC 3~4S with BLHeli firmware

• High power FR2306-2300KV/ FR2205/2300KV motors and BR5045BN propellers

• 700 lines CCD camera M12-2.8IR 3MP (PAL)

• 500mW Video transmitter, 40 channels: Cover A, B, E, F bands and R bands


Size (diagonal): 230mm

Motors: FR2306-2300KV/ FR2205/2300KV 

ESC: X-Drone20A

Flight Controller: STM32F303CC "BeeRotorF3(BRF3)"

OSD:Full Graphic

Arms: Φ12 Carbon Fibre tube

64Mbit flash for logging

Rx Support: PPM/SBUS/SumD/DSM2/DSMX and RSSI input

Rx Selection: Fully Automatic

Case: Zipper case included

USB Port: Through-Hole (Much more robust)

LED Board:  more robust

FlightCam: BeeRotor 700TVL CCD / M12-2.8IR(3MP)

Weight: 368g without battery


1 x Victory230 Quad, Fully assembled and tested

1 x Victory230 Zipper case

1 x SBUB Interface Cable

4 x BeeRotor 5045BN Props

1 x Extra one set Plastic parts

1 x GoPro mount

amergen : 16-07-01 14:36
Hi, I´am really interested in this Frame, but I´am concerned that not all parts of the Frame are available as Replacement Parts. Because we all know, that we crash these copters hard sometimes :D. So my main Question: Will we be able to buy the Frame etc as Replacement Parts ?
Admin  Reply: 16-07-05 08:49
yes, the replacement are list!
erann : 16-03-23 01:27
Hi , In the picture the FPV camera is protected in the frame but in youtube reviews the camera isn't inside the cage , its open and can be damaged from the bottom of the frame. is this true or the quad looks exactly like in the picture ?
Admin  Reply: 16-03-23 07:21
Yes, we have upgraded the camera protect, and added the Gopro mount.

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rchogg: 16-11-14 09:07
LOVE THIS QUAD! Great little setup for beginners or pros. I enjoy running 3S for casual running and 4S battery for racing. Highly recommended.

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