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Rctimer FR2205-2300KV High Power Motor Over 1100g thrust

Rctimer FR2205-2300KV High Power Motor Over 1100g thrust

Price: $10.99

Item: FR2205-2300-Red

Weight: 100g

Quantity : 
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1. The magnet specification is 52 uh.
2. The bearing is NMB(Japan) , it can support a long life.
3. 0.20mm laminations, maximum efficiency and minimum Eddy Current losses.
4. Ultra-flexible motor leads with high-temp 220 °silicone rubber.
5. With rotor dynamic balance process.
6. 5.0mm outside shaft for prop.
7. 5.0mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nut 

Stator Diameter: 22 mm
Stator Thickness: 5 mm
Number of Stator Slots: 12
Number of Magnet Poles: 14
Motor Kv Value: 2300 RPM
No Load Current (Io)  1.0 Amps @ 10 Volts: 0.8 Amps
Motor Resistance (Rm) per Phase: 0.09 Ohms
Motor Resistance (Rm) Phase to Phase: 0.06 Ohms
Maximum Continuous Current: 30 Amps
Max Continuous Power (3-cell Li-Po): 380 Watts
Max Continuous Power (4-cell Li-Po): 480 Watts
Motor Weight: 29 g
Outside Diameter: 27.7 mm
Motor Shaft Diameter: 3 mm
Prop Shaft Diameter: 5 mm
Motor Body Length: 21 mm
Overall Shaft Length: 34.5 mm
Motor Timing: 5-10 degrees
PWM Frequency: 8-20 KHz

Package included:

1 pcs  FR2205 Red motor
2 pcs 5.0mm Aluminum Flange Lock Nut
4 pcs M3*6mm YFS screws

marcus.v.dutra : 16-05-28 03:03
Hi, Rctimer, you should open holes on top of these racing motors. Their specs look nice, but as they handle a lot of power in such a small motor, cooling is critical. Dont make fancy openings on top of motor like other brands do (scorpion, multistar or DYS), just make four simple holes on top of the motor can with a drill, and keep the motor balanced as usual, that will reduce weight and keep the motor much cooler. l hope you consider this advise :) cheers
Admin  Reply: 16-06-04 10:31
Thanks for your advice, the new motor will be release ASAP.

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