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BW5050 Prop Giveaway Shipping fee

BW5050 Prop Giveaway Shipping fee

Price: $0.01

Item: Giveaway

Weight: 100g

Off the shelf
If you are not the winner please don't purchase this!

We are pleased to announce our BR5x5x3 Winners!
01. Adrian Daucourt
02. Ben Edwards
03. Mike Rodgers
04. Angelo Mackay
05. Ramon Rodriguez
06. Lee Davis
07. Christopher Maca
08. Nate Sydow
09. Bruce Sonnenfeld
10. Kiko Xiko

This is just work on All Giveaway shipping fee.

Rules for GiveAway!!
1. $2.5 Normal international Registered fee/DHL fee base on winner country
2. Like and Share this post
3. Like our Facebook page
4. Comment in the Comment Section(if not we will closed your giveaway chance in the future)


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