Project Coopreation



We are a close-knit group of independent professionals who have been working together to produce a reliable and marketable UAS/UAV system and service.
Each of us possess skills in multiple disciplines and have been in the unmanned systems field for many years. Some of us are from the Military, some have many years in the Aerospace industry, and still others are from Electronics or another engineering discipline.
Wherever each member is from, we each share a common drive to build a cohesive group that can be a major player in the rapidly expanding UAS/ UAV industry.

So, in no particular order, we will introduce the team members

Joe Abrams
- Design and development engineer for IBM, Intel,.
- Developer of autopilot and GPS hardware.
- Design of video security systems over network.
- Been in integrated chip (IC) systems since the 1960s
- Lead product test and integration.
- Located in Kendall, NSW, Australia.
Joe Cantrill
- Project manager. Dye Enterprises
- 30+ years civil engineering & land surveyor.
- Certified on Trimble RTK GPS systems for construction and civil engineering projects (14+ years).
- Geo referenced terrain mapping.
- Motion controls expert
- Designs and produces various CNC machines ...
Nick Alvarado
- Engineering manager for Advanced Undersea Vehicle & systems LLC.
- Design and Subsea engineer.
- UAVObjects test team member and product developer C multicopters and gimbals.
- Worked worldwide for Oceaneering, Fugro, AUVS.
- 9+ years in industry...
Neal Obert
- Worked at Raytheon as a semiconductor research assistant
- RCA as lead tech on Surveyor Lunar Mission.
- Designed radio link from Mars Viking Lander to Viking Orbital satellite.
- Designed Lunar Rover Color TV System control system.
- Designed VLF radio system for theaters....

UAVObjects (Kendall) designs, makes, and is the US distributor for the best multicopters available. He offers a variety of quads, hexacopters and Octacopters in medium and heavy lift capability (7 lb and 15 lb with 20 minute flight times respectively)...

Our fixed wing planes have been primarily simple and inexpensive test beds to prove out the Guidance, Navigation, and Control (GNC) systems. None the less, the test beds have proven to be extremely stable and reliable aircraft that have successfully demonstrated autonomous flight...


EXTREME RANGE TESTING FOR THE GIVEN AIRFRAME- approx. 2 miles out for multicopters and up to 50 miles out for fixed wings. Test would be for both telemetry and video signal quality.

FAIL SAFE BEHAVIOR- return to home or predetermined waypoint upon lost signal.

MODIFY GPS MISSION DURING FLIGHT- should not big a problem, but we need to demonstrate the ability to change the mission during flight either to avoid a problem, or to take advantage of an event of interest.

COMPLETION OF MOBILE COMMAND CENTER- We are in the process of completing a self-contained ground station trailer with large flat screen monitors, generator, work benches, DVRs, tools and charging stations. We estimate 3 months to completion. This would greatly improve setup and deployment time.


After completion of testing phase, we have identified the following goals:

Completion and duplication of mobile command ground stations. This would greatly improve response time to the job sites through multiple crews. UAV deployment times would also be greatly reduced.

Produce specific airframes needs to complete the customers mission.